Aug 142013

X75-05 (ill. Bannister; (c) Dupuis; SR scanlation)Bannister is usually represented in the Journal de Spirou with the comic Les enfants d’ailleurs (something like “The Further Children”).

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    I don´t think Gaston and the count of Champignac has ever meet each other before, or have I overlooked something?


    Personally, I think this is my favorite X75 gag.

    I don’t believe the Count and Gaston have ever met in an official story, no. However, in Fournier’s Le faiseur d’or (“The Gold Maker”), The Count draws inspiration from Gaston in coming up with a “cure” for one of the gangsters, so it’s possible that they met “off-screen”… Or maybe he just heard about him from Spirou and Fantasio.

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