Aug 292013

A few weeks back, Spirou Reporter was contacted by Klaus, who among other things pointed to his blog of architecture-related comics. While many of the jokes perhaps only make sense to people in the field, everyone should be able to appreciate the Franquin-inspired drawings. Sometimes the influence is acknowledged in little winks, as when various familiar characters make cameo appearances…

'A man for four seasons' (ill. Klaus)

‘A Man for Four Seasons’, from Klaustoon

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Aug 272013

Young Fantasio sad (ill. Tarrin; (c) Dupuis)

Tarrin’s short episodes of The Heroic Youth of Fantasio were well-received when the spin-off series ran in 2011 and 2012 (1, 2, 3), and the latest word was that he would continue it as an album-length adventure. However, as time passed with no further updates, fans have been getting increasingly worried that the project might have ground to a halt.

Those fears have now been proven correct, as an admin on the the official Spirou forum today confirmed the cancellation of the album:

Malheureusement, comme cela arrive parfois, la bande dessinée “La Jeunesse héroïque de Fantasio” ne verra jamais le jour.

Which is to say:

“Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, the comic The Heroic Youth of Fantasio will never see the light of day.”

Aug 252013
From 'Brouhaha at the Bookseller' (ill. Piette, Trondheim; (c) Dupuis)

Once upon a time, “Spirou canon” was simple: All the stories and adventures took place in the same world, in the order they were published in the magazine. And that worked fine as long as only one artist or one team were making Spirou stories at the same time. But then came Nic & Cauvin vs. Tome & Janry, then came Yves Chaland, then came le Petit Spirou… and most of all, then came the one-shot albums, which are proving to have more than one shot in them.

And now you have lots of different Spirou versions living in lots of different universes, each taking what they want from the comic’s long history, and discarding what they don’t. It’s a mess, but in a good way. Here, for example, is a story that seems to draw on Émile Bravo’s version, but set in the modern day. Told by Lewis Trondheim and Hugo Piette, it appeared in Journal de Spirou #3725 (2009), with a sequel in this year’s anniversary issue. Continue reading »

Aug 232013

Journal de Spirou 3932 cover (ill. Dupuis, Alfred)

This Saturday, 24. August, sees the Spirou Tour stop off in Bordeaux, and as usual there is a special issue of the Journal devoted to the city in focus. The artists in attendance include Hervé Bourhis, Max Cabanes, Christian Durieux, Érich Liberge and Alfred, who supplied the magazine cover. The connection to Spirou (the comic) is tenuous, but it’s otherwise a good list of local talent, and should be a nice event.

Aug 202013
Spirou Album du Journal #103 (ill. Franquin; (c) Dupuis; picture via

One of Franquin’s covers for the ‘Journal de Spirou’ digests

Spirou Reporter is back from vacation, so here’s a quick update on news that has happened while we’ve been away (or had missed earlier on).

Le Petit Écho de Champignac caught a mention in Journal de Spirou #3927 (17. July) that Émile Bravo has started work on a follow-up to Journal d’un ingénu. The long-rumored sequel is finally underway!

The site is also one of several sources to have picked up on another upcoming book announced on Amazon: Les couvertures des recueils du Journal de Spirou par Franquin (“Covers of the Journal de Spirou Digests by Franquin”). Scheduled for 15. November and priced at 119 EUR, this book would have to work hard to justify its price, particularly since most of the covers of these omnibus collections of the magazine have been reprinted many times, and are easily available online.

Meanwhile, InediSpirou reports that the upcoming one-shot by Schwartz & Yann has been renamed. No longer La femme-léopard (“The Leopard Woman”), it will be published under the title Le fétiche des Marolles (“The Marolles Fetish” – Marolles being a famous working-class neighborhood in Brussels). The album release is still scheduled for 11. October; a magazine serialization or at least a preview can be expected at the start of September.

Finally, Les épatantes aventures d’Émile Bravo has an 8-part photo diary (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) of a visit to the Angoulême Spirou Expo. The photos give an extensive look at what the exhibition features, with particular focus on the original art on display (and with parts 3–7 devoted solely to Émile Bravo’s contribution).