Jul 202013

Comix 07/2013

This month’s issue of the German magazine Comix contains another short from the 75th anniversary issue of the Journal de Spirou. This time around it’s the Yoann & Vehlmann 6-page story “Groom Toujours!” (“Bellhop Forever!”), in German as “Für immer Page!” More information here.

Samples of the French version:

Jul 142013

Many artists have wanted to make a Spirou one-shot. Dupuis has turned most of them down. One of the more prominent ones to give it a try is Stanislas (Victor Levallois, Les aventures d’Hergé), who has made two attempts with different collaborators. A page from each pitch has been leaked, presented here… Continue reading »

Jul 072013
From 'Alerte aux zorkons' prologue (ill. Yoann, Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis, Khani; SR scanlation)

Yoann & Vehlmann took over the official Spirou series in 2008. Their first album, Alerte aux zorkons (Spirou #51, “Zorkons Alert”), came out in 2010. During that time, Yoann had to experiment a bit to adapt his style to the more traditional look readers expected, and in illustrations and short stories running up to the album, you can see it evolving rapidly (much like the zorkons themselves). This unused opening to the album, for example, shows clear differences from the look of the final version. Continue reading »

Jul 032013
Spirou, Fantasio & Smurfs (ill. Olivier Schwartz)

“Well, that’s not all! What do we put in the next issue?”

I came across this rather cryptic drawing on another blog. Apparently by Olivier Schwartz (although the style is a bit different than his usual, and I don’t recognize the signature) for Global Smurfs Day on 22. June, it hints vaguely at some upcoming… something.

The Smurfs, of course, have many links to Spirou. The comics were published in the same magazine, the Smurfs were co-created and written by Yvan Delporte (who also co-created Gaston and helped write the Spirou story Les Robinsons du rail), and Peyo and Franquin were good friends. In fact, Franquin helped come up with the name (Les Schtroumpfs in French) and their smurfing speech pattern. So therefore, it might be worth mentioning that this summer sees collections of the early Smurf stories in a number of languages. Continue reading »