Jul 212013

From 'The Menace' (ill. Tome & Janry; (c) Dupuis)Tome & Janry’s Spirou run started off with a number of short, comedic stories before their first full-length adventure, Virus. This is one of their early efforts, “La menace” (“The Menace”), first published in Spirou album+ no. 1 in 1982.



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    I find it really interesting to see how confident Tome & Janry’s early work looks.

    The story isn’t perfect. I feel like it’s a stretch to believe Fantasio wouldn’t recognize a skunk, and why is he ringing the doorbell of his own house? (He clearly does live there, given the neighbors’ dialogue.) I find the intro and final punchline a bit weak, too, but it’s possible that I’ve missed something in the translation.

    Still, the film gag is pretty great, and Tome & Janry fill the story with all these cool little details, like the neighbor-girl’s dopey boyfriend with his smokes, or Fantasio’s chewed-up slippers. On p. 4 they even manage to stick in a photo of the Marsupilami as well as a reference to Spirou chez les pygmées (“Spirou in the Land of the Pygmies”) with the picture of the leopard.

    When you compare it to what Nic & Cauvin were doing at the same time, this is miles better, just on a whole other level; it’s actually kind of embarrassing. No surprise that Tome & Janry soon got the gig exclusively!

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