Jul 202013

Comix 07/2013

This month’s issue of the German magazine Comix contains another short from the 75th anniversary issue of the Journal de Spirou. This time around it’s the Yoann & Vehlmann 6-page story “Groom Toujours!” (“Bellhop Forever!”), in German as “Für immer Page!” More information here.

Samples of the French version:

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    Hey, I recently became intrigued with Spirou and Fantasio. The library’s don’t seem to have any copies and amazon doesn’t really have the widest variety. Is there a way I could find more copies in English? If not, is there a way that I could possible contact Yoann and Yehlmann? Sometimes the authors can be of some help.


      You can find the books readily available in English here. I don’t know how you would contact Yoann & Vehlmann, but I doubt it would do much good, because there simply doesn’t exist a translation they could point you to.

      You can find (illegal) scanlations of a lot of the albums in various places on the Internet, but the quality of the scans, translation and editing is usually quite poor. (The only one I know of that I think is really well done is Le tombeau des Champignac, scanlated as “The Crypt of Champignac.”) So I would recommend buying the Cinebook albums, and maybe getting in touch with the company to encourage them to publish more.

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