Jul 142013

Many artists have wanted to make a Spirou one-shot. Dupuis has turned most of them down. One of the more prominent ones to give it a try is Stanislas (Victor Levallois, Les aventures d’Hergé), who has made two attempts with different collaborators. A page from each pitch has been leaked, presented here…

'Spirou & les fantômes' p.1 (ill. Stanislas & Le Gall; SR scanlation)Perhaps the publisher felt they’d have enough of Le Gall with his one-shot, Les marais du temps (“The Marshes of Time”)? Stanislas had another go, this time with a script by Trondheim:

'Une nouvelle aventure de Spirou & Fantasio' p.1 (ill. Stanislas & Trondheim; SR scanlation)

Again no luck. Trondheim later got to make a one-shot along with Fabrice Parme, Panique en Atlantique (“Panic on the Atlantic”), but sadly we still haven’t got a full Spirou adventure by Stanislas, and little chance of ever seeing how these stories would have proceeded.

Scans (1, 2) from the Stanislas Barthélémy fan blog.

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    On a translator’s note, the famous ghost story writer Algernon Blackwood stands in for Camille Flammarion, a French science fiction writer fascinated by spiritism, but less likely to be familiar to non-French readers.

    It should also be obvious that Professor Micos must have introduced the young Count Champignac to the field of mycology, the study of mushrooms and fungi, just as Professor Modus led Zorglub to his interest in electronic devices and his career as a mad scientist.


    That’s really interesting, I wonder if we’d ever get to see other potential one shot ideas,I saw the second page on indispirou at various stages of completion, I assumed it was a much older comic page that wasn’t finished.

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