Jun 272013

Spirou: un héros dynamique (photo from Dupuis.com)
On this Saturday, 29. June, the Spirou exhibition Un héros dynamique (“A Dynamic Hero”) opens in Angoulême, France. Held in the comics center and museum Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image, it will run until 6. October.

The exhibition approaches Spirou from two perspectives: on the one hand the character and his adventures, and on the other the magazine and its publishing history. It is designed for all ages, with original art and prints supplemented by graphics, installations and sculptures taken from or inspired by the series. There are also cartoon screenings, an interactive tabletop app that allows visitors to explore the history of the magazine, and various activities and competitions throughout the summer.

The official opening will feature a speech by the Mayor of Champignac and a treasure hunt for the nest of the Marsupilami.

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