Jun 252013

Comix 06/2013 cover ( (c) JNK)

Continuing to publish the short stories from the anniversary issue, this month’s issue of the German magazine Comix translates Jokarira bien qui jokarira le dernier (A pun on the expression “He who laughs last, laughs best” and the game jokari), a three-pager by Dany and Yann. (More information here.)

Journal de Spirou 3914 p. 29 (ill. Dany)

From the French version in Journal de Spirou #3914

… This in spite of the last issue hinting heavily that next up would be the Yoann & Vehlmann story (despite the misleading copyright notice):

From Comix 05/2013 (ill. Yoann, Comix; (c) JNK)Oh well.

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    The issue can now be ordered from here.

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