Jun 232013

I’ve been working on a longer scanlation, but I wasn’t able to get it done this weekend. So instead, here’s a little something from the upcoming issue of the Journal de Spirou…

From Journal de Spirou #3924 p.1 (ill. Yoann & Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis; SR scanlation)

From Journal de Spirou #3924 (26. June 2013)

This mini-comic (from the table of contents page) is on the occasion of the Marsupilami’s return to the magazine. Disappointingly, the story is not a new one, but just the old La queue du Marsupilami (Marsupilami #1, “The Tail of the Marsupilami”) by Franquin, Batem and Greg.

It’s understandable that the magazine takes advantage of the rights they’ve acquired, but I must say I find it unnecessary to serialize an album from 1987 that has already sold half a million copies.

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    The drawings look like they are made by Yoann?!


      Did the signature give it away? 🙂

      Sorry if the explanation was a bit confusing; I guess it’s not so clear when you see the comic out of context. OK, so each week the magazine runs a cartoon, gag or mini-comic on the title page, above the table of content (see example here). This feature is called La semaine de Spirou, which I’ve translated as “This week in Spirou,” and it’s usually on the theme of something in the issue.

      This week we get a little comic by Yoann & Vehlmann on the topic of Marsupilami, and the reason for that is that this issue features the first part of the first “proper” Marsupilami story to run in the magazine in thirty years. But that story is the old “Tail of the Marsupilami,” not a new adventure.

      Does that clear things up?


    Spip might just be my favorite Spirou character. I love how he’s shushing Spirou in the third panel.

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