Jun 172013
From Spirou #53 édition luxe (ill. Yoann; (c) Dupuis)

Samples of Yoann’s preparations for Spirou #53 (from the deluxe edition)

Take this for what it’s worth, but the user Thizman on the Spirou.com forum says that while he and another user, Kuash, were getting a dedication from Yoann (presumably at the Lyon BD Festival this weekend past), Yoann said that he is currently on the second page of Spirou #54. That doesn’t sound like very far along, even if he has been doing character studies, sketches and layouts before starting – as seen above for the previous album. He also divulged that he and Vehlmann don’t yet know how to reintroduce the Marsupilami in Spirou #55.

Most likely, none of this is particularly consequential, and I cannot vouch for the information, but hey, aren’t those sketches nice?

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    Thizman, it’s me !! (Namziht in zorglangue : Thizman). It’s Kuash but not me who asked the question to Yoann for the number of pages 😉


      Welcome Thizman! I hear what you’re saying, and thanks to Kuash for asking the question, but for this news story it didn’t really matter who asked. What mattered was what Yoann answered.

      Since you heard it and were the one to mention it on the Spirou.com forum, you were the source for the report. That’s why you were credited.

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