Jun 162013

This week’s scanlation is a semi-official page by Yoann (he’s the guy with the red beard):

La galerie des illustres p.385 (ill. Yoann; (c) Dupuis; SR scanlation)

First published in the Journal de Spirou #3694 (2009)

His adventures with Spirou feature tributes to some of Yoann’s favorite TV shows from his youth: The Persuaders, Wild Wild West, and Starsky & Hutch.

The background for this story is the tricky situation Yoann & Vehlmann faced when they took over the series. The last album by Morvan & Munuera, Aux sources du Z (Spirou #50, “The Origins of the Z”), involved lots of time travel, and ended up creating a universe where Spirou was a middle-aged millionaire married to Miss Flanner, a former enemy, and none of the previous adventures in the series had ever happened!

With this one-pager (part of the Galerie des illustres series, rather than the comic proper), and an aside by Fantasio in their first adventure, Yoann & Vehlmann dismiss these events and restore the status quo.

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    A word about the translation here: In the French version, when he and Yoann are taking fire, Spirou comments, “With all the plums we’re picking up, I could make jam!” (“plums” being slang for bullets in French), and the girl in the next panel says that the jam is delicious.

    Most the slang words for bullets in English (slugs, caps, hot lead, etc.) don’t have anything to do with food, so to translate the pun I went with the best thing I could come up with, even though the tray in the picture doesn’t really look like it’s for dip. Oh well!


    I think Dupuis should have declared that nothing of what Morvan and Munuera had created should be considered “official”. Possibly the same should be done with the last story by Tome and Janry, although I kind of liked the story.


    When Morvan and Munuera started the album, they didn’t consider it official, but as an experiment for the One-Shot series, later Dupuis decided it should be put into the main series as a sorta #50 special hommage. So it sounds a bit unfair blaming M & M for the situation.


    Actually, I do not think anything of what they produced deserve to be considered official. I do not understand that Dupuis did not have higher standards.


    Although I’m not sure on how strict Dupuis would consider the canon. I don’t think the situation could be considered similar to Marvel, DC and Don Rosa’s attempt on constructing a coherent universe.


    Spirou feels awfully smug there reminiscing past achievements, picking up babes, and basically having a mutual admiration society with himself…


    By the way, it would have made more sense in this strip if Spirou had been travelling with Morvan, Munuera and/or Yann, as they were the once responsible for the album referred to (album 50).

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