Jun 132013

Coming soon (ill. Tome & Janry, Franquin; (c) Cinebook)Just thought it was nice to show the confirmation that Cinebook is still planning to publish Spirou in Moscow, even though it got pushed back by The Marsupilami Thieves (scheduled for this August).

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    Cinebook’s chronology will apparently be completely out of order. Oh, well, at least the albums will get published.


    Seems like they have only released the albums by Tome and Janry. Anyone who knows the reason why they have not released anything of Franquin?


      Yeah, this was discussed in an interview with the Cinebook team that I can’t seem to find right now. As I remember it, it was simply that one of them (Olivier Cadic?) had read the Tome & Janry albums when he was young (but not the Franquin ones), so those are his favorites.

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