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Comix 05/2013

As previously reported, the 75th anniversary issue of the Journal de Spirou included a whole bunch of short Spirou stories by various authors and artists. Except for the Yoann & Vehlmann tale, it seemed unlikely that any of these would be available in other languages any time soon. However, it turns out that the German magazine Comix has managed to make a deal with Dupuis to republish a selection of these stories in German.

The first to appear is Fabrice Tarrin’s 4-pager Le conte du Champignap (“The Story of Champignap”) in issue 05/2013, now available. The magazine appears to come out more or less monthly, so other stories should follow in not too long. (Comix, with an ungoogleable name and no webpage of its own, apparently has its online presence based here. Welcome, German readers, and thanks for pointing back to the forum!)

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    Just a quick update on this: I noticed that Carlsen had posted a news item on the story, naming Yoann & Vehlman, Le Gall, Morvan & Munuera, and Yann & Schwartz as possible creators behind the stories to be published in the future. (All contributed stories to the anniversary issue.)

    Still, surprising to see Yoann & Vehlmann on that list, since I would have thought Carlsen would want to use their story as a bonus/backup in a future album release. Of course, it could be that whoever put together the news item didn’t have all the details, or didn’t think it through. We’ll see…


    For the next months there will be a “Spirou”-Short Story in every issue of “Comix”.


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