May 052013

From Journal de Spirou 3762 (ill. Dupuis, Yoann, Vehlmann, InediSpirou scan, SR scanlation)This week’s scanlation comes from the 2010 Journal de Spirou issue #3762, which was dedicated to Gaston. Yoann and Vehlmann contributed this one-pager. (Scan via InediSpirou)

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    2010? I thought it was only recently that Dupuis had bought the rights to Gaston and Marsipulami?


      I guess they came to some arrangement with Marsu. Although sometimes in conflict, the two were also able to work together on a number of occasions, and Dupuis did own a minority share in the other company already.


    Could this be the short story “Retour à la rédak”? I guess “rédak” must mean “editor” (“redaksjon” in Norwegian). On the other hand, according to my information, “Retour à la rédak” was published already in 2008.


    You mentioned in another forum that this is available in German in one of the albums. Which German album is this (I have asked the same question in the other forum, but I thought I should ask it here as well in case there are other persons who would like to get the album.


      “Back to the rédak” is in the new edition (“Neuedition”) of Spirou und Fantasio #0: Am anderen Ende Angst, under the title “Die Geheimnisse der Tiefe” (pp. 22–29). Because it was added to the second edition, it’s not listed in most reviews/indexes of the album content, but if you buy a new copy it should be there.


    The last question was about Retour à la rédak. If you have information about other short stories available in other languages than French, it would be nice to know as well.


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