Apr 292013

This page was posted on a blog at the beginning of the month, presented as a page by Franquin and Will for an abandoned sequel to Pirates du Silence (Spirou 10).

Pirates du Silence "sequel" pages (ill. pseudo-Franquin)

Not actually a Franquin page

The story was an April Fools gag (the project never existed), but then where does it come from, and who drew it? The top suspect is Daan Jippes (Danier), but nothing has been confirmed, and the purpose of the page is unclear. If anyone has more information, spill!

(via BDGest)

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    It does not really look like it could have been painted by Franquin.


    Oh, I see that it has been confirmed (by “some random person” on franquin.org, but still…) that the page is by Danier.

    As far as I’m concerned, the biggest giveaway that it’s not Franquin is the panel layout, which I think he would have kept more regular.


    I’m no random person, I’m Zozo.


    This makes me think of that famous fake Tintin page by Bob de Moor and Jacques Martin.


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