Apr 222013

In celebration of the anniversary of Journal de Spirou, as well as Spirou himself, here’s the opening of one of the all-time funniest Spirou adventures, Franquin’s Bravo les Brothers (1965), which takes place at the office of the magazine:

(Personal scanlation. You’d better clap, or the ape gets angry!)

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    Benny Breakiron = Benôit Brisefer. A comic series made by Smurfs creator Peyo about a superpowered heroic preschooler that lses all his powers when catching a cold, a series that had turned extremely popular in 1965. English translations are available through publisher Papercutz.


      Also, there is a Benôit Brisefer live-action film based on “The Red Taxis” that came out in time for Christmas, and the Journal de Spirou is right now publishing the first new BB adventure in many years.(Not by Peyo, obviously, but then again I understand he always relied greatly on assistants anyway, and even the original BB albums were mostly drawn by Walthéry.)


    […] to the magazine’s flagship series, as this mini-comic illustrates. However, the result was Bravo les Brothers, which ended up as his own favorite Spirou & Fantasio […]

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