Apr 142013

Don't speak French (ill. Yoann)

Hey there, and welcome to Spirou Reporter‘s first entry!

Spirou has many fans worldwide, but a lot of the news and publications are only available in French. Spirou Reporter is aimed at the non-francophone fan base, providing reporting and translations in English of everything Spirou-related. That includes publications in French as well as English, German, and the Scandinavian languages (+ others when there’s information available).

There’ll be plenty to write about, particularly as this is an anniversary year for the series. So hop on!

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    Seems like connecting with Facebook works now! Great! I have a suggestion. It would have been nice with some background articles on Spirou-related artists and both their Spirou-works and other works. I have come across one such source in English, here represented with an article on Fabrice Tarrin: http://www.lambiek.net/artists/t/tarrin_fabrice.htm However, it would have been nice with one that was a bit more organised. Surprisingly not all the authors are represented on the English wikipedia. I started the article on Munuera myself (which, absurdly was marked with speedy deletion, though this was of course removed by another administrator). I came across sufficient information in English to write that article, but on many other artists most information are in French only.


      Yes, I’ve been experimenting with different site settings and features. Everything isn’t quite the way I want it yet – I’m still looking for the perfect image gallery solution – but it’s getting there.

      Spirou creator profiles is a good, although likely a very time-consuming, idea. And it might give me an excuse to seek out more of their other work. I’ll keep it in mind, thanks!

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